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work by: rick christy | a/k/a grymmjack (gj!)


Developer: Fretted Synth Audio
Project: PhaseOsc

Completed: March 28, 2006

 Fretted Synth Audio makes some stunningly awesome plug-ins that are aimed particularly at guitarists. Known for the excellent FreeAMP SE plug-in (which is an amp modeler/effects rig), FSA also provides outstanding audio to MIDI driven synthesizers. PhaseOsc is a phase distortion synthesizer that can "track" single notes and converts them on the fly to MIDI data that the plugin uses to make it's noise. It's quite an incredibly cool synth and it sounds great just on it's own as well; a switch is provided to toggle between Audio or MIDI stimulus/response.

Visit the Fretted Synth Audio website for more great stuff, including FreeAMP :)

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