designer monkey (tm)
work by: rick christy | a/k/a grymmjack (gj!)

cannot work for free any more

i am no longer able to work for free. i will still post my work on this site, but i will not be taking future free/scene projects. the window of opportunity and time for this chapter of my life has closed and even though i love to help out i cannot justify doing this purely in an altruistic method anymore. if you truly want my work you will have to pay for it.

the reason for this change in direction is because my life has evolved and i just dont have the free time or ambition i had before; family and career taking priority over hobbies and special interests. i hope there are no hard feelings. i've done my best to give back from the scene which i have taken so much from, and feel i've paid my dues officially through designermonkey free efforts as well as buying all the software to support the scene economy where applicable.

i will honor my current commitments and continue to work with other people in the audio scene on projects that i use myself, or for developers whom i respect and admire. this time around it is a personal decision and please do not be offended if i refuse to work with you, it is not out of pride or prejudice but out of personal preference and goals balanced by resources available (time, patience, ambition).

the rules of designermonkey:

  1. i do not work for free any more
  2. for small commercial projects, i work for a reasonable fee
  3. for large commercial projects, i work on contractual basis